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Jaybird’s Brain

Jaybird’s Brain welp, I was gonna color this but I’m bored of it now. And really the only point was to draw them with big wide open kitty mouths so mission accomplished.


10 Best Foods For Brain Health

10 Best Foods For Brain Health These 10 foods will improve your mental health and depression and help you feel your best. Self-care advice for people who want to optimize their mental health. Include these foods in your diet to start feeling your best. #mentalhealth #selfcare


The good brain connection

The Gut-Brain Connection How gut health affects your mood. The microbiome is made up of thousands of different types of bacteria, both "good" and "bad". A healthy microbiome favors beneficial bacteria and prevents many "bad" bacteria that could harm your health. The gut-brain communication system is often referred to as the gut-brain or gut-brain axis. …